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Alexa May Biography Photo Alexa May Biography
Born: 4/12/1983
Aliases: Alexa Mai, Alexandra Blake, Chimerey Sandra, Alex May

Profession:Porn Star
Country: Ukraine
Place of Birth: Krivoy Rog
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Heigth: 165 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 34A-26-35
Fake boobs: NO
Career Status: Active
Shoe Size: 5

Born in Ukraine 12 April 1983,

This feisty Brunette started out with dreams in the fashion world, taking modeling gigs wherever she could find them. She began meeting talent scouts one after the other many to which would land her in taking many photos outlining her pure sensual assets to a fine perfection. The more she did the more attention she got, till she was approached from the adult industry specialists ‘Woody’, where she would find her calling. After what seemed like rude and timeless waiting on the big fashion world to land her some work the money seemed to be ‘more free’ to flow in this new found soft core modeling.

Alexandra was off and going in her new field of work. As she progressed into the magazine spreads she found even larger bucks with more seductive layouts. The reserved librarian type of personae was shed for the new foxy vixen image of the hardcore layouts the exhibited.

With new xxx gigs came the use of new actress names like Alekssandra, Alex May, Alexa Mai, Alexa Mei, Alexandra Blake, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexia May, Chimerey Sandra, Eva, Sophie, Charlotte Leroy, Alex May, Alexa Mei, Sophie, Oleksandra, Alessia, Alessia Mei, Eva, Eva Cristaldi, Sophie was her most favorite casting of them all, always stuck with the drawing and allure to the famed Sophie Loren (one of Alexandra’s idol’s).

She even pictured herself singing at one point in her career, but left it at karaoke with the close friends as a recreation whilst out clubbing. Alexandra has quite the hand at design as many of her close friends often ask her for advice on her choices of fashion, with her fine eye for the next great look and the cash to go after it.

A close personal picture shows she leaves work at work, and very little dating especially within the industry. Her preferred choice of company is her girlfriends, rather than to any special man in her life at this time. She noted it keeps the work place a ton more simplistic, without the ever watching / wondering eye of a curious boyfriend to worry the scene.

She chooses life close to where she began and travels very infrequently, not liking the surprises travel may offer, but has enjoyed some of the new cities she has seen. She prefers not to get too far away from her pets at any time, as she feels no one else cares for them quite the same as she can.

As her career moves on she has become more and more open to more men in the scenes, in different offerings of sexual venue. She has become quite anal-riffic one of her co stars proclaimed. He was quite enthusiastic to do a few retakes when offered the opportunity on some ‘tail end’ bloopers that occurred. Just call me ANY time I can help her with these particular scenes he said! The first two takes were necessary to redo from a contagious case of the giggles that swept the crew, and the star target of penetration (Alexa) and her new found ‘rear’ funny bone location. No shortage of enthusiasm can be found in the list of men willing to work with this sexual dynamo of energy.

While fashion may have lost out on an eager young talent, her fans appreciate her choice of venue yet to this day. Who knows where this ambitious xxx vixen will wind up next, maybe in your hometown?!? Alexandra feels she is up for any calling in any casting, and looks forward to pleasing her fans men and women.

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